In Like a Lion…

Well, March sure is coming in like a lion (as it does most years), and if the weather forecasters are right, it promises to go out like a lamb too.  This promise is what makes this (hopefully) last snow storm until November so sweet.  It sure has been beautiful, with its soft wet flakes falling on almost bare ground covering the trees and cars in a white blanket.  It’s been warm enough for the kids to enjoy themselves while playing in it too!

So we have spent this snowy March day reading, baking (yes, I love to bake on snowy days…who doesn’t?), making snow angels and throwing snowballs (the kids even found a big purple ball in the back yard…bonus), mopping up wet footprints from the floor, and just reveling in the beautiful views from our windows.




How are you welcoming March?


Let It Snow…Finally

The snow is falling…finally!  It’s been such a mild winter, that I’ve had to remind myself almost daily that spring is not just around the corner.  Today, it’s not hard to remember it is February, and isn’t the snow beautiful? IMG_2092 What better way to spend a snowy February morning than baking zucchini bread (I froze a little shredded zucchini from the summer garden back in August for just such an occasion) and making Valentines with my son for his preschool class?  The idea for the Valentines came from a Seventh Generation blog post, and the zucchini bread recipe comes from my old trusty Better Homes and Gardens cook book (handed down from my grandma) but I linked to some similar recipes in a previous post. IMG_2097 IMG_2098 How are you spending these February days?

Hello Again!

I’m back…after almost a year’s absence, and now expecting our third child this summer. I’m not sure why I felt a sudden need to return to writing. I suspect that there is something about new babies that stirs a need for community and communication in me. I know that the cold and ice and snow stir a longing for friendship that only those with dear friends in far away places understand. So here I stand…lonely, blessed, heaving with morning sickness, and filled with anticipation, potential, and the unknown.

Books and Knitting in January

We hit the library last week!  My oh my, I had forgotten how much I love using the library.  We will definitely make this a monthly excursion this year.  I picked up The Jim Henson Biography for myself and the kids picked a couple of picture books for themselves.  I added a couple of winter themed picture books that looked nice.


I’m about 50 pages into the Henson biography, and I love it!  It is taking me right back to those warm, sweet, loving feelings I had while watching the Muppets, Sesame Street, and Fraggle Rock as a young girl.  What an important figure he was for a generation of young people 🙂  I have also been working on The Wonder of Boys by Michael Gurian.  This book I am struggling through.  While it has some valid and thought-provoking points about raising boys to become happy men, I am often getting angry and having to put the book down!  Gurian makes some provocative excuses for absent and deadbeat fathers that I find offensive when given by the same author who places a lot of responsibility and blame on mothers (namely single mothers) for the emotional well-being of their sons.  Basically I find the book interesting and influential in my approach to raising a son, I am often offended by many of the authors societal prescriptions for lessening fathers’ roles in unwanted pregnancies and raising children with estranged partners.  I vow to finish the book 🙂  I have also been enjoying the Winter/spring issue of Renewal from the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America) and leafing through my seed catalogues, planning for spring.

I am finishing up knitting the lace cowl that I gave up on before Christmas.  It’s more of an infinity scarf really and I think it will look lovely on me when I finish 🙂   I also ordered yarn for a sweater for my mom.  I will share my progress on that next month, I hope.


The kids’ book basket is filled with winter themed picture books and a couple of fanciful stories too.  “Over and Under the Snow” by Kate Messner is charming book about a child and her father skiing through the woods on a snowy day.  It explores the animals and their homes for the winter.  This is something my son has been very interested in this year!  “Jack Frost” by Kazuno Kohara is a whimsical story about a boy who befriends Jack Frost and learns to love the winter.  It pairs really well with this old cartoon about Jack Frost

Then I added an imaginative book about walking with the moon on a leash, “I Took the Moon for a Walk” by Carolyn Curtis and Alison Jay.  I also included our copy of “Puff the Magic Dragon” illustrated by Eric Puybaret, which both of my kids have really taken a liking to 🙂

Happy reading and knitting to you all.  What’s keeping your imaginations and hands busy this winter?

Blog Hop: Celebrating the Winter Solstice


We’re hopping again… this time to Waldorf Inspired Learning for a lovely explanation of the Winter Solstice and the beauty to be found in celebrating the increasing light.  I look forward to making this lovely sun craft with my kids next week!


Winter Sensory Box


I am a lover of sensory activities.  They are rich in learning, calming, centering, and super fun!  They will keep your young children busy and quiet for longer than you think.  It’s way worth the bit of mess they create.  This week I made a winter sensory box with cotton balls, small branches of pine (from the back of our Christmas tree and clippings from the arborvitae in our front yard) and some woodland creature finger puppets (I threw in Santa too).  Both of my kids (3 & 1) had a lot of fun with it.  I had fun making it too 🙂

Do you have any ideas for fun sensory activities?

Blog Hop: Festival of Lights

This holiday season I am participating in a blog hop!  Please enjoy posts all season long from fellow bloggers sharing their experiences and tips for celebrating.


It’s the 1st day of our Holiday Blog Hop! And with Hanukkah just around the corner (next week) we begin with a beautifully informative post about the Festival of Lights by Lavender’s Blue Homeschool. It is full of history and background for those of us not familiar with the Jewish celebration. You will also find plenty of ideas and resources to include in your own family’s winter festivities. Happy Hanukkah!

Hop on over to