Leaves for Your Window

Leaves for Your Window

As we welcome fall into our lives, my kids (3 &1) collected beautiful leaves while walking through our neighborhood. The leaves are so lovely outside, why not bring them inside? So I ironed them between 2 pieces of wax paper. Then we stuck them to the windows using clear contact paper. (This is a trick I learned as a teacher…clear contact paper has so many applications!)

I think they look fantastic and festive. We stuck them to all of our windows and when we were done the house had a cozy glow to it. Funny how the smallest thing can make such a big difference 🙂

Happy Thursday, everyone!


Fall Reading List…


I keep a basket of books in the living room for the children.  I keep it stocked with seasonal books.  Right now it is filled with autumn themed books.  We are about to add Halloween titles, but for now I’ll share our fall reading list.

“Let it Fall” is a sweet, short rhyming story about a family enjoying autumn activities.  “Leaf Jumpers” is another rhyming book about the shapes and colors of different species of leaves.  My son (3) really likes to compare the leaves we find outside.  “The Fox and the Falling Leaves” is a lovely book (perhaps my favorite) about a little fox who worries about his favorite tree when the leaves begin to turn brown and fall off.  The illustrations are beautiful and the story is so sweet.  And “Joy” has been one of my son’s favorite books since he was just an infant so it hold a very special place in my heart.  It is a board book and a poem about a child and his mother experiencing the seasons.

I have been catching up on my growing stack of magazines.  A few of my favorites are Martha Stewart Living and Midwest Living and Family Fun and Renewal (Association of Waldorf Schools in North America).  I’ve been reading some back issues lately.  I am also enjoying rereading The Great Gatsby

What are you and your kids reading?


Autumn Family Tree and Celebration

Autumn Family Tree and Celebration

We finally had our Fall celebration. We had planned to have it on Sunday, but it was a rainy and wet all day and it did not sound at all enjoyable to take 2 young children out after dark to sit in the rain around a smoky fire. So we waited and celebrated Monday instead. It was sunny and just chilly enough to make a backyard fire lovely. We spent the morning making an apple pie. We spent the afternoon harvesting the carrots and beets left in our garden (there’s still a few left). We cleaned them up and roasted them in the oven. My husband made a beer can chicken on the BBQ. It was a delicious fall meal! We lit our first candle at dinner to mark the increasing darkness. We will continue to light a candle at dinner throughout the winter.

After dinner I got the kids in their PJ’s while my husband struggled to get the wet wood to light (He’s an expert!). We sat at the fire drinking hot apple cider and singing songs. We talked about Autumn and the cool air and longer nights. We talked about fire and it’s light and heat. My son told us a story about the animals. Then wee had a quick walk around the block with flashlights. I had planned to make lanterns, but we just got too busy. We are nothing if not flexible 🙂

All in all it was a beautiful day and a much-needed special day as a family.

We spent the days leading up to the celebration making decorations for our house. Our Autumn family tree was the crown jewel. We gathered leaves and acorns from our yard and neighborhood. We tied thread to the leaves and hung them on a branch. I glued eyes onto the acorns and drew on mouths. One for each member of our family. I tied thread to the acorn stems (some needed a little glue) and we hung them on the branch as well. I taped little name tags to each of the acorn threads. I think it turned out gorgeous, but next time I will iron the leaves between wax paper first to keep them from curling up.

Do you have a Fall celebration? What are your family traditions?

Friday, Friday!

It’s been a week of illnesses and fun.  A week of opposites, I guess… 

  • My daughter was sick at the beginning of the week and my son had a 24 hour bought with vomiting mid-week.
  • Between snuggling through these illnesses, we had a lot of fun at the zoo, playing at the splash pad, and walking around our neighborhood.
  • We also enjoyed cuddly time on the couch and in Mommy and Daddy’s bed reading books and watching movies.

Hopefully, we can get lots of rest this weekend and eat healthy foods (maybe even take some vitamin supplements) and feel better for a while.  Enough of all of this feeling sick business!

The weather has been a lovely mix of fall weather with summer peeking through in the afternoons.  We wake to chilly mornings, enjoy warm afternoons perfect for water play and shorts, and enjoy cool evenings that cool the house quickly after cooking dinner.  The trees in our neighborhood are starting to turn although the trees in our yard are still green. 

My son (3) has been enjoying watching the squirrels scampering around our yard collecting nuts for the winter.  He also watches the bees and butterflies and spiders outside our front window.  He reports to me the actions of the bees, which flowers they are landing on.  He checks the spider webs for flies and “bugs” to get stuck.  He even has “bug friends” that he imagines adventures with.  He shares these stories with me occasionally.   

My daughter (1) has been enjoying playing in the sand and climbing on her slide.  She also loves picking the seed pods off of the butterfly bushes and getting help from her brother to open them up and pull out the fuzzy stuffing.  She really loves picking and eating the last strawberries from the garden.  And of course she can’t get enough of the apples we picked over the weekend.

I am enjoying reading and knitting in the backyard while the children play.  I love cooking all of the yummy fall foods and baking with the apples.  I’m thinking of ideas for making the kids Halloween costumes and trying to steer my son away from a Batman or Spiderman costume and toward a bat or spider costume.  I find autumn simply perfect!

What have you been doing this fall?

Cheers to Friday!

Cheers to Friday and the kick off to a long weekend for my family!  It’s been an exciting week that opened with a couple of cool sunny days getting me giddy for fall and promises to end with more sunny cool days.  Sandwiched in the middle were a few rainy, gloomy days which really make it easy to decide to bake and cuddle all day with the lamps on 🙂

This week we:

Lost our whole corn crop to the squirrels.  If we grow it again next year we will have to figure out a way to keep those pesky rodents at bay.

Cleared out the tomato, green bean, and pea plants that were turning brown in the garden. 

Planted new grass seed in the areas of the yard that the pool and slide sat too long, leaving big brown circles and triangles.

Baked, colored, cut, danced, sang, and played a lot

I will leave you this week with a thought about children’s questions.

There are two things… to be noticed about the inquiries of little children.  The questions are often posed in rapid succession, as if the child were not so much seeking information as just wanting to hear an answering voice.  Also, the child seems to listen with more pleasure to a tentative answer, spoken with love and warmth in the voice, than to an assured and categorical reply given in a matter-of-fact tone.  When little children pour out their endless questions, they are seeking something much deeper than the mere satisfaction of curiosity.  They are seeking to bring around them the living tones of the human voice.

~A.C. Harwood

What did you do this week?

“Delicious autumn…

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”
― George Eliot

What a beautiful rainy, fall day!  And speaking of birds, my son (3) said the darndest thing yesterday afternoon.  He was convinced that he saw a penguin fly over head while he played in his sandbox.  To his credit the bird was and awkward flyer and not a bird that we often see in our neighborhood (I’m unsure what it was actually).  I love these little glimpses into the way little people think about the world.  The ways that they are piecing all of their experiences and knowledge together in their own unique way, making sense of this amazing world we live in.  The human brain is an incredible organ!

Happy Wednesday to y’all!

…and just for Autumn’s cozy delicious sake, potato soup.  (I omitted the bacon and started with olive oil.  substituted bell pepper for celery and added frozen corn at the end.  Drop a few drops of hot sauce in your bowl and yum!)