My Week in Review…

This week began with my daughter recovering from a strep infection, and is ending with me fighting a cold and sore throat.  I am watching for signs of strep, but so far so good.  I have to love weeks with such neatly messy book ends.  Despite all of the illness, we had a couple of days clear and healthy midweek allowing for some real work to get done.

  • I switched the kids rooms (involving moving furniture up and down stairs) all by myself.  I am very proud!
  • I made my best batch of vegetable soup yet!  (Thank you to the blogging world for inspiring soup day.)
  • My kids watched Frozen almost everyday while either I or they were sick.  This went against my better judgment, but my son still says that these were “really lucky days” for him 🙂
  • Being sick relieved me of grocery shopping duties this week.  This makes me “really lucky,” I feel.

Happy Friday to you all.  I hope the weekend brings health and warm temperatures to us all!


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