My Week in Review

Happy Friday!  This week we:

  • Tried to blow frozen bubbles (it looks cooler on TV).
  • Went back to school, finally!
  • Are getting back into the swing of things.
  • Really love our new minivan!

My kids have been much happier now that we’re settling back into our daily rhythms.  My daughter (1) has been waking up before the sun again, which I thought we had broken her of.  I’m beginning to think that I will need to adjust to her, because I think she’s just and early to bed early to rise kind of gal!  My son (3) is happy to be back at school with his friends.  It’s incredible how much more sleep he needs on school days.  Can you tell I am dreaming of more sleep for myself? 🙂

Hope you had a lovely week and the weekend is all that you hope it will be.



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