It’s the last stop on the Holiday Blog Hop, and it’s an inspiring one for a fresh new year!  Hop over to Waldorf Salad and Cottage Fries (perhaps my favorite blog title) to learn about creating a vision board for the coming year.



A moment to acknowledge the small things that make life joyful.

  • A white Christmas
  • A peaceful home
  • A new car, that fits everyone 🙂
  • Gooey Black Forest cookies fresh from the oven

What are the small things in your life?

My Week in Review

I can hardly believe that Christmas Eve will be here on Tuesday.  For the week before Christmas, it’s been a pretty manageable one.  We:

  • Finished shopping
  • Baked cookies
  • Made cornstarch and salt dough ornaments
  • Painted
  • Dropped packages at the post office
  • Read lots of Christmas stories
  • Helped decorate Mimi’s and Boo’s new home for Christmas

…and we are counting down the days until the big day!  How is your family preparing for your celebrations?

My son (3) is so excited!  I love watching him remember things from last year, and piece together all of the fun and joyful aspects of our holiday celebrations.  He has also just begun saying “I love you” to his dad and me!  This is the greatest gift he could give us this year 🙂  He really enjoys making gifts and getting them ready to give.

My daughter (1) is enjoying all of the reading and baking of the season!  She also seems to like the music and dancing.  I even notice her trying to sing the words to a few familiar songs 🙂  I can’t wait to see her reaction on Christmas morning.  The 1st year that they are old enough to understand what’s happening is so fun!

I am still knitting like crazy to finish the last cowl.  I’m busy getting all of the ingredients ready for our last batch of Christmas cookies (my favorite, Black Forest Cookies), our Christmas morning egg bake, and Christmas spaghetti dinner.  I’ve finished most of my wrapping.  Just a little more to do and a lot of assembly yet to be done this weekend.  This final stretch is always a little bitter-sweet for me (kind of like the beginning of autumn).

To every hearth a little fire,

To every table a little feast,

To every heart a joy,

To every child a toy,

Shelter for bird and beast.


Warm wishes and blessings to you and yours this Christmas!

Blog Hop: A Christmas Tradition


Today’s stop on the Holiday Blog Hop is A Home School Mom’s blog where she shares a one of her family’s Christmas traditions.  Hop on over to check it out 🙂

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday traditions and finding some time for yourself!

Blog Hop: Celebrating the Winter Solstice


We’re hopping again… this time to Waldorf Inspired Learning for a lovely explanation of the Winter Solstice and the beauty to be found in celebrating the increasing light.  I look forward to making this lovely sun craft with my kids next week!