My Week in Review

This week has been harried and long, but it is coming to a cozy, cold, & white end!

  • My husband worked all hours of all days (it seemed).
  • I set up a play room in the basement and reclaimed my living room for adults!
  • We wrote out a list of family rules and set out to stick with them (all of us).
  • I reworked our rhythm to fit the winter darkness and my daughter’s constantly changing abilities and needs.
  • Of course we danced, painted, and dressed up (a new favorite activity for both kids) through out all of the chaos 🙂

My daughter (1) had another week of fitful sleep.  I do not know what it is with her, but she doesn’t sleep predictably.  I find this really trying most of the time.  But, my oh my she is a sweet girl!  She has really taken to playing dress up and taking care of babies.  She’s developed some killer dance moves too.  She really knows how to get down.

My son (3) LOVES preschool and is really taken with many of his new friends.  I hear lots of stories about these children 🙂 He has really been struggling with listening lately.  3 is definitely a frustrating age!  It’s the tug-of-war between independence and needing/wanting help.  And oh how he tests his boundaries. He seems to be doing better with firmer rules and stricter follow through from both my husband and I.

I am busy trying to keep my house livable.  I am working on finding my rhythm with house work again.  It seems to have slipped over the past month or so.  I am also knitting like crazy in every spare moment.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I am dreaming of gravy and sweet potatoes and Christmas carols!

How was your week?


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