Happy Friday!

Happy Friday to y’all!  It’s a beautifully warm and sunny one here.  We’ve had a fun week.

  • Dancing, dancing, dancing our socks off!
  • Dinners at other people’s houses, meaning very little cooking for Mom.
  • Planning winter vacations.
  • Looking for a new car.

My son (3) continues to worry about the bugs and the winter.  He is very happy to know that the worms can survive the cold.  He has been a big help raking leaves (and jumping in them with his sister), harvesting carrots and distributing them to family and friends, and decorating our home for Thanksgiving.

My daughter (1) has cut 3 new teeth this week.  Needless to say she and I have been missing our beauty sleep.  She has taken over her brother’s digital camera and has become the family photographer šŸ™‚  She continues to love books and to drive her dad and me (and anyone else who visits) bonkers with constant requests for reading.  I try to remind myself that this is a good thing, but oh how it tries my patience when every time I sit down I’m asked to read aloud.  Good thing she is so adorable!

I am busy planning my contributions to the Thanksgiving feast and getting gifts chosen, made, and purchased for Christmas.  I hope to spread the work and cost over a longer period of time this year to limit the stress.  We’ll see how I do.  I am really looking forward to the 1st blanket of snow to cover the yard!  The coziness of coffee by the picture window as the snow falls is intoxicating.

I hope you all enjoyed your weeks and have a very happy weekend!


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