Happy :)

I’ve been really happy lately…  No, I didn’t win the lottery, my husband didn’t get a big raise, I didn’t just enjoy a day at the spa.  I’ve just been happy.  My world has been turning in much the same way that it has been for months.  Not much has changed. My kids still whine far more often than I’d like.  My house is still messy most of the time.  I still feel like the time flies by so fast that it takes my breath with it many days.  Yet in the midst of my hectic life, I feel immensely blessed.  In the quiet moments before I fall asleep at night, or while listening to the radio in the car on the way to pick my son up from preschool I find my self smiling and breathing slowly and joyfully, and I realize that I am truly happy.  The calm, in the moment, happy that you find in your soul when you least expect it.  The kind that you realize is there only when you slow down long enough to feel it, but know is there all the time tinting everything you do with an added purpose and kindness.  The kind of happiness that reassure us that everything will be OK and makes us say, “Don’t worry, I’ve got this!”

I share this today because I usually write reflectively when I’m feeling overwhelmed or struggling with some aspect of life.  I think it’s important to acknowledge and bask in the moments of joy and peace too.  I wish you all happiness and joy this morning.  It’s a heavenly day!


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