Joy to Friday!

It’s been a quick week it feels.  No school for my son, so I started every morning with his little voice asking, “Do I have school today, Mommy?”  We used all of this together time well…

  • going to another apple orchard with an aunt and an uncle,
  • shopping for Halloween costume supplies,
  • singing, my son has become quite the singer these days,
  • rearranging our weekly rhythm to fit the fall light schedule and my husband’s work schedule,
  • watching the “spooky, Woody” show (the new Toy Story special that was on TV Wednesday night). 

Watching a new holiday special on nonrecorded TV, brought back memories of my childhood when these specials would mean that my whole family gathered around the TV to watch.  My son was shocked by the presence of commercials.  Funny how things have changed in 30 short years.  Makes you think about all of the little things that we took for granted that our children will not understand in the same ways.  Can’t say I’m disappointed that my kids don’t know what commercials are though.

How was your week?  Anything fun happen?  Have a great weekend!


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