Autumn Family Tree and Celebration

Autumn Family Tree and Celebration

We finally had our Fall celebration. We had planned to have it on Sunday, but it was a rainy and wet all day and it did not sound at all enjoyable to take 2 young children out after dark to sit in the rain around a smoky fire. So we waited and celebrated Monday instead. It was sunny and just chilly enough to make a backyard fire lovely. We spent the morning making an apple pie. We spent the afternoon harvesting the carrots and beets left in our garden (there’s still a few left). We cleaned them up and roasted them in the oven. My husband made a beer can chicken on the BBQ. It was a delicious fall meal! We lit our first candle at dinner to mark the increasing darkness. We will continue to light a candle at dinner throughout the winter.

After dinner I got the kids in their PJ’s while my husband struggled to get the wet wood to light (He’s an expert!). We sat at the fire drinking hot apple cider and singing songs. We talked about Autumn and the cool air and longer nights. We talked about fire and it’s light and heat. My son told us a story about the animals. Then wee had a quick walk around the block with flashlights. I had planned to make lanterns, but we just got too busy. We are nothing if not flexible šŸ™‚

All in all it was a beautiful day and a much-needed special day as a family.

We spent the days leading up to the celebration making decorations for our house. Our Autumn family tree was the crown jewel. We gathered leaves and acorns from our yard and neighborhood. We tied thread to the leaves and hung them on a branch. I glued eyes onto the acorns and drew on mouths. One for each member of our family. I tied thread to the acorn stems (some needed a little glue) and we hung them on the branch as well. I taped little name tags to each of the acorn threads. I think it turned out gorgeous, but next time I will iron the leaves between wax paper first to keep them from curling up.

Do you have a Fall celebration? What are your family traditions?


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