Friday, Friday!

It’s been a week of illnesses and fun.  A week of opposites, I guess… 

  • My daughter was sick at the beginning of the week and my son had a 24 hour bought with vomiting mid-week.
  • Between snuggling through these illnesses, we had a lot of fun at the zoo, playing at the splash pad, and walking around our neighborhood.
  • We also enjoyed cuddly time on the couch and in Mommy and Daddy’s bed reading books and watching movies.

Hopefully, we can get lots of rest this weekend and eat healthy foods (maybe even take some vitamin supplements) and feel better for a while.  Enough of all of this feeling sick business!

The weather has been a lovely mix of fall weather with summer peeking through in the afternoons.  We wake to chilly mornings, enjoy warm afternoons perfect for water play and shorts, and enjoy cool evenings that cool the house quickly after cooking dinner.  The trees in our neighborhood are starting to turn although the trees in our yard are still green. 

My son (3) has been enjoying watching the squirrels scampering around our yard collecting nuts for the winter.  He also watches the bees and butterflies and spiders outside our front window.  He reports to me the actions of the bees, which flowers they are landing on.  He checks the spider webs for flies and “bugs” to get stuck.  He even has “bug friends” that he imagines adventures with.  He shares these stories with me occasionally.   

My daughter (1) has been enjoying playing in the sand and climbing on her slide.  She also loves picking the seed pods off of the butterfly bushes and getting help from her brother to open them up and pull out the fuzzy stuffing.  She really loves picking and eating the last strawberries from the garden.  And of course she can’t get enough of the apples we picked over the weekend.

I am enjoying reading and knitting in the backyard while the children play.  I love cooking all of the yummy fall foods and baking with the apples.  I’m thinking of ideas for making the kids Halloween costumes and trying to steer my son away from a Batman or Spiderman costume and toward a bat or spider costume.  I find autumn simply perfect!

What have you been doing this fall?


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