Baby Wipe Solution

A friend was just asking how I make my diaper wipe solution, so I’ll share it with you too.

I make about 20 wipes at a time.  I find that if I make more than that they get moldy before I can use them all.  I go through all 20 in about 2 days.  I use them for diaper changes as well as quick face, hand, and nose wipes.  I fold all of the wipes in half and lay them in an empty Huggies wipe box with a snap lid.  Then I fill a 2 cup jar (with a lid) with water.  I squeeze a quick squirt of baby body wash (about 2 teaspoons) and about the same of olive oil into the jar.  I seal the lid and shake to mix.  Then I slowly pour half of the mixture onto the prepared wipes.  I lift about half of the wipes and flip them over.  Then I pour the rest of the mixture on top and close the top.

I like to use Burt’s Bees scented baby wash because I love how it smells, but there are much nicer and more natural options out there.  The most natural might be Dr. Bronners castile soap.  The olive oil is a nice moisturizer and I’ve read that it also has mild antibacterial qualities.  I’m not sure that is true though šŸ™‚


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