It’s Friday!

…and what a week it’s been!

We attended a conference for preschool.  It starts next week!

My son (3) got his 1st bee sting.  What a right of passage.

We harvested more zucchini, and I know not what to do with it.  Zucchini bread is getting boring.

In the beginning of the week, Fall peeked through the heat and got my blood pumping.  I love the Fall, and now I am trying to keep happy that we have these final days of summer to enjoy swimming and running around barefoot.  But I really can’t wait for the crisp breeze to blow and the leaves to turn golden.  I can’t wait to bite into a crisp apple, and pull on a wool sweater and a pair of cozy socks.  In the mean time, my goal is to get my house organized and to go through the kids’ clothes (we have so many hand-me-downs).  And of course, I’m going to try to soak up as much summer sun as I can before it’s too late…

How was your week?



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