Sleepy Time Rhythm

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am working on modifying and tweaking my family’s rhythms to give us each the most predictable and calm day-to-day life possible.  While simplifying one’s life and developing and sticking to a rhythm is challenging in its own right, adjusting the rhythm to accommodate and nurture the constant changes of a 1-year-old while providing space and attention for a 3-year-old sometimes feels like an impossible task.  We are working hard on a nap schedule that works for everyone and a housework rhythm that fits into our day without causing frustration. 

One rhythm that we seem to have mastered is bedtime, so I thought I’d share our sleepy time routine with you all.

Every other day in the summer (once or twice a week in the winter, my son has eczema) we start to wind down with a bath.  Then my son puts on the PJ’s that I laid out for him.  I diaper and dress my daughter in her jammies.  Then it’s time for my son to play a board game or watch a show with Dad (they really enjoy watching American Ninja Warrior on Monday nights). 

Mean while I make a bottle (I just weaned my daughter 1 week ago 😦  ) and snuggle our daughter while she drinks.  When she’s done I brush her teeth and wash her face and feet.  Kisses all around and up to her room to read stories.  I read 1 or 2 short board books.  She loves to turn pages and point to pictures and I tell her what it is or make sounds to match the images.  We both cherish this Momma/Daughter time.  Last I rock her and sing Silent Night and lay her down in her crib and walk out. 

While I’m with our daughter, my husband takes our son to go “pee pee” and brush his teeth.  Our son starts brushing his own teeth and my husband finishes it up for him making sure he gets all the hidden spots 🙂  My husband helps wash our son’s face and feet, then takes him into his bedroom.  Our son choses a book or two to read and they both curl up in our son’s bed to read.  I stop in to give a kiss and then we tuck him in and say good night.  

Sometimes when my son has a hard time settling down or is a little sad about going to sleep, I sing Silent Night.  I have sung this lullaby to both of my children since they were born and the tune immediately inspires yawns and heavy eyes from both of them.  

…And then it’s grown up time!  

What do your sleepy time rhythms and routines look like?  What is your favorite part of getting your kids to sleep?  


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