Absence and Keeping It Simple

You may have noticed my absence of late.  You might say I was on the verge of breaking down from too much going on!  In an effort to simplify my life and get back to basics (caring for my children, my home, my husband, and oh yeah…myself) I gave up my blog for a month and a half. 

In that time we had a lovely family vacation, spent time with many great friends, celebrated a wedding (that was a looooong time coming), and welcomed a handsome new baby into our social circle.  This time has seen our garden grow gangbusters, although you can still tell we started late this year.  We picked our 1st tomato and some green beans yesterday.  We’ve enjoyed peas, radishes, and countless strawberries already.  I have weaned my daughter, lost my patience, felt luckier than most to have my problems (but still struggled with my problems), and feel like I’ve come through this time a little happier and more realistic.  I have also forgiven myself for my messy house…It will just be messy for the next 10 years or so 😉

So we’ll see if simplicity and blogging can coexist in my world.  I’m still a little skeptical….


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