I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my family’s rhythms or schedules. With a newly turned 1-year-old and a newly turned 3-year-old in our home things have really been changing. And I’ve found myself floundering most days to adjust our daily rhythm to fit our new needs.

As I wrote about in a previous post our sleeping schedule is a work in progress (although it is improving). My son (3) has discovered his imagination and with it he has become fearful. He also is testing his boundaries more than ever. It seems he is constantly negotiating to get his way and throwing temper tantrums when he doesn’t. He has also learned to be sneaky, doing things he knows he shouldn’t and trying not to get caught. I often find myself shaking my head and wondering where my well-mannered, obedient little boy is hiding.

But then a few moments later he melts my heart with the kindness and patience he shows his little sister while teaching her how to do something or including her in his play. He blows me away with the stories he concocts and the elaborate games he invents. And oh my, how fast he is learning. He wants to count everything and notices more and more letters in his world. He’s so focused on learning new songs, singing them over and over and asking me to sing with him. All in all he’s exhausting! I always knew 3 was a challenging age, but experiencing it is nothing like I imagined šŸ™‚

I know that he needs the predictability that a well established rhythm brings, but it’s tricky adjusting our rhythm to fit my family’s changing needs.

It only complicates things that my daughter (1) is changing too. Everyday she walks/runs a little faster which means she is becoming an expert at getting into things she shouldn’t. All she wants to do is be near her brother, but it’s hard for him to get engrossed in his play with her taking his toys. And her budding sense of independence means she throws baby tantrums when she is removed from many situations.

My daughter is also a darling little girl who is fearless (unlike her brother). She is learning new sounds and adding new words to her vocabulary weekly. And what a little social butterfly she is!

With all that said, I feel like I’m pulled in 3 directions at any given moment in my day. I’m either rescuing my daughter from some new risky business, negotiating TV time with my son, cleaning up from the last meal, changing a diaper, wiping a butt, or countless other tasks all while trying to keep my cool and the peace. Let’s just say our home is a loving one, but not a very peaceful one.

So I find myself looking for time to sit down and assess my family’s current needs. And not just my children’s. Mine and my husband’s too. What absolutely must get done each day, each week, each month. What do we need to spend more time doing, and what can we let go? I need to answer these questions and then fit these things into an order for our days and weeks. The hope is that we will all find peace and comfort knowing what needs to be done when and that there is a time for everything.

So this is my task for the weekend. Monday morning is the start to a new week and hopefully we will be on a path to a more peaceful home. Wish me luck!



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