My Vegetable Garden


Here’s my garden this week. Unfortunately, my spinach just started to bolt (send up flower shoots) yesterday. This usually happens when the summer gets into full swing and the days get pretty hot. It doesn’t feel like that has happened yet since it is only 50 degree F today, but apparently my spinach knows it’s June. Anyway, you can see my spinach never got big before it bolted. Not a good year for spinach I guess.

I’ll be out there this evening picking all the spinach and using it for dinner tonight. That was a lot of work and waiting for not much spinach…bummer 😦

On the other hand, my carrots and beets look good (middle and top of the photo respectively). I tried to do a little thinning Sunday, but my daughter got in the way :). I hope to get that done this week if it ever stops raining.

Once the spinach is gone I’ll have room to plant my green beans. I also need to find space for some corn and tomatoes and peppers soon!

Happy gardening!



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