Game Night!


This is one of my favorite new toys for my 3-year-old son. I bought it on a whim because he loves gardening and games. We opened it and began playing and I was reminded that there is genius in simplicity. It’s like the toys of my childhood (I was young in the 80’s). The board simply fold in half and sports 4 drawings of gardens with spaces for your 4 crops (corn, peas, tomatoes, and carrots). The 1st time you play, you punch out little cardboard chips with pictures of the vegetables to “plant” in your garden. The die is simple with 1 color on each side representing each vegetable and a couple of other actions. In the center of the board is a beautiful painting of a summer day. Included are puzzle cards used to cover the summer painting to make it slowly turn fall and winter. The goal is to work together to plant and/or harvest your gardens. My son loves planting and picking his vegitables. He also loves putting the winter pieces over the summer scene. He feigns being cold and shivers saying, “Mommy, it’s gettin’ cold. Winters coming. Hurry!” I love it! He even plays by himself sometimes when I’m too busy to play.

Perhaps my favorite part is the goal in this game is not to compete with the other players but to work together to get the job done. We have several classic board games in which the object is competition and I think there’s value in competition too. But I must say it’s refreshing to play a board game with my son that includes helping each other, please’s and thank you’s.

Happy gaming!


P.S. I was not asked to review this game by anyone. I did not recieve a sample of the game from the manufacturer. I simply found a toy that I like and wanted to share it. Here is the link to the manufacturer, Family Pastimes.


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