Cleaning Green

Since Thursdays are my day to catch up on the housework and laundry that I missed the rest of the week, I think I’ll share a few green cleaning recipes that have been working for me. They’re so simple I’m almost embarrassed to share them, but here you go:

Counter/ Multipurpose Spray (Glass Cleaner too)
1 part White Vinegar
5 parts Water
10-20 drops Essential Oil (I like tea tree or eucalyptus)

The vinegar helps cut grease and kills germs. It also makes things nice and shiny! I find that the essential oil really cuts the vinegar smell and smells fresh and clean.

Bathtub Scrub
I sprinkle borax in the tub and use a brush to scrub the whole tub and shower surround. I then rinse. I finish by spraying the whole tub and shower down with multipurpose spray (recipe above), wiping with a cloth, and rinsing again. The tub sparkles and stays clean through a week of baths and showers for my family of 4.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner1/2 cup of borax
1/2 cup of White Vinegar
I sprinkle the borax 1st. Then pour in the vinegar. I do this before I start cleaning the rest of the bathroom and wait untill last to scrub the toilet and flush. I spray the tank and seat down with multipurpose spray and wipe with a wet cloth.

I wash the sink and counter just like the bathtub, and I wash the tile floor with a mixture of borax (about 1/8 c.) and hot water (about a gallon).

I hope this helps someone green up their cleaning day. You’ll be amazed how much better you’ll feel knowing your cleaning supplies are safer and that you’ve kept a few more harsh chemicals out of your home and out of our environment! Happy cleaning…



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