Today was a day to try my soul. My 3-year-old son unlearned most of his independence a week ago, and my daughter just learned to walk. So today I felt like a whirling dervish spinning from one whining child to the other. Pulling up pants (that he knows how to pull up), carrying toys up and down stairs (he knows how to do this also), kissing and comforting stumbles (she knows no fear), and chosing my battles (unwisely I fear).

I admit that I should have stood my ground more frequently today, but my nerves were fried and it felt easier to just give in a do things for my son today. Good thing tomorrow is another day and we can start fresh with the returning sun.

Tonight I will simply look forward to my husband’s homemade pizza. And be thankful that my son loves to make pizza, which might free me up for a refreshing bath 🙂

~ Sh


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